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Scores, Scores, and More Scores

When viewing any scores page, you can hit Refresh/Reload in your browser to fetch the latest results. See below for an explanation of the different types of scores.

Current Streaks

This tally shows the current high rollers in the standard streak department. A streak of course is how many games you've won in a row without blowing one. We have logic to age out folks who've found themselves in a losing game but just don't have the gumption to quit out of it.

All Time Streaks

These streaks may no longer be active, but they are the best the particular players have achieved in their auspicious careers.

Daily Streaks

This new category tracks how many games in a row a person has won in one 24 hour day EST. If you win 35 games in a row on a particular day, but blow it below day's end, you're still on the board for the 35. Of course if you're obsessive (no one here like that), you could run up a second much better streak, and that would then take precedence.

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Daily Summary
Overview of yesterday's daily results.

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